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About me

My name is Cristian Palma, I am a Mechatronic Engineer. For several years I have been interested in electronics, robotics and the maker movement; Hence, I started this blog in order to share, in principle, projects related to these topics. With the passage of time and during the course of my career I realized that they have followed procedures that were not documented and that not enough information is found, so I began to add some tutorials in order to facilitate access to said information . Although the information on this site has been tested, I recommend using it carefully as mentioned in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

This site is personal and I run on my free time, so it may take a few days to respond to comments depending on my other occupations. If any question arises in the projects, it is advisable to review the previous comments, perhaps someone had the same doubt or problem and it has already been solved. If you have any suggestions, comments or reports of a bug on the site, you can use the form on the contact page.