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Micromotor’s PCB


This is a short post, currently I’m working with some micro metal gearmotors, and from previous experiences I know it’s a bad idea to solder cables directly to the motors pins, the pins use to break and are almost impossible to fix or replace. With the idea to avoid more damaged motors I designed a PCB that can be soldered directly to the motor pins, hopefully this will reduce the mechanical stress over the pins and won’t break so easy. The PCB has a JST PH 2.0 connector and a 100nF ceramic capacitor between the terminals.

The PCBs were made by OSH Park, I ordered the After Dark version (black substrate and transparent soldermask). If you want to get the PCBs, you could order 3 boards from OSH Park for 1.85 USD. Or you can find the schematic and board files on GitHub.

GitHub: MicromotorBoard

More information:
Micromotor Board – OSH Park

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

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