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PIC18F2550 Trainer


For certain testing stages or projects, it is necessary to have a microcontroller that is simple to set up, requires few components, and doesn’t have to be assembled on a protoboard. To solve this need, I designed a small board with a PIC18F2550, capable of connecting to a computer via USB, and with all its pins connected to a header for easy connection.

The board was designed so that cables could be connected between the header and another module or a protoboard. It has a small 3.3V regulator and an ICSP connector for programming, perfect for programming without having to remove the PIC from the board.

This design is from 2010 and has been very useful to me in just over a year. I am sharing it now because someone requested it.

GitHub: 18F2550Trainer

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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