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Hackaday Remoticon and the SMD Challenge

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For several years, Hackaday has organized the Superconferences, which are conferences that bring together people interested in hardware hacking, electronics, software and other topics covered on the Hackaday blog and projects on Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not be possible to have the Supercon in person, but the event organizers have seen this as an opportunity to reach more people who could not attend in the past due to being hundreds or thousands of kilometers away from the event site; so the 2020 Supercon is now called Remoticon and attendance is free and open, interested individuals can attend the talks and a selection of workshops.

n recent weeks, the list of conferences and workshops to be held has been published, some are free and others are paid. One of the activities that caught my attention is the Remoticon SMD Challenge, which is a surface mount soldering competition using a soldering iron and without using sophisticated tools. This competition has been held at previous Supercons and other conferences using MakerBox‘s SMD Challenge PCB.

I decided to participate in the competition, so I bought the SMD Challenge pass and kit, which should arrive in a couple of weeks before the Remoticon. The kit includes all the necessary parts to build the PCB, with the exception of a CR2032 battery that can be purchased at a store. The contest will be held in rounds, one round will be on Saturday and two others on Sunday; participants will connect via Zoom depending on the assigned round.

For more information:
Hackaday Remoticon

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